Priest Lake Veterinary Hospital

2445 Morris Gentry Blvd
Nashville, TN 37013-2073



We're pleased to offer the following services in our Nashville Veterinary Clinic:

The doctors here at Priest Lake Veterinary Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee skillfully provide comprehensive health care for cats, dogs, and many other exotic species *please see exotic pets link above.

Services we provide for dogs and cats include:

  • Internal Medicine - in depth testing and diagnosis
  • Surgery for Dogs and Cats- Your Antioch veterinarians practice surgery on a daily basis. All patients are carefully screened for their own safety and the anesthetics are chosen specially for your pet. Your pet’s surgeon will have an assistant who is monitoring your pet during the entire procedure to ensure that your pet’s surgery goes as smooth as possible.
  • Advanced Anesthesia - especially for older and higher risk patients
  • Digital Radiology- With our advanced digital X-ray machine, your veterinarian will be able to examine in detail your pets: skeleton, muscle, urinary, and gastrointestinal (GI) systems.
  • In cases where advanced radiology is needed your veterinarian will refer you to one of our local specialists who can do advanced imaging such as an MRI.
    These specialists must not only graduate from veterinary school, but complete an additional 6-8 years of training and complete an examination to be a boarded veterinary radiologist.
  • Your veterinarian will offer you a complete range of medical and therapeutic diets. We offer several brands of prescription food which can help your pet reach its fullest potential.
  • In the 40+ years of Priest Lake Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians have seen it all. They will take the time to discuss any troublesome behavior you may be encountering, and they will offer you sound advice in how to help manage the situation.
  • Dental cleaning is highly recommended by our Nashville veterinarians.. We use the most modern and safe ultrasonic cleaning to thoroughly clean each and every tooth- both above and below the gum line. Our highly trained dental technicians will polish then polish the teeth, this make the surface smoother and makes it much more challenging for plaque to develop. Our veterinarians also offer dental radiography and tooth extractions.
  • Yes! Your dog and cat can develop allergies and your Antioch veterinarian can help!
  • Can’t tell the sex of your bird by physical appearance? Don’t worry, it can be extremely challenging if not impossible for even your Antioch veterinarian to do so. However, we work with an outside laboratory to offer Avian Blood Sexing in Antioch Tennessee. All we need is a small amount of blood, and we will know your bird’s sex in 7-10 days. The laboratory is only able to sex certain species of birds, so please call today to see if your Antioch veterinarian can help!
  • Does your pet need laser therapy? Your Antioch vet can help. Our team has an advanced K-Laser therapeutic laser that can help with many different types of chronic and acute conditions. Call today to see if this advanced pain control can help!
  • Our in house laboratory offers same day, if not within an hour results on many of the following lab panels: including microscopic cell analysis, blood chemistry, complete blood counts, parasite screening, urinalysis and thyroid testing
  • Your Antioch veterinarian has partnered with HomeAgain microchips which just recently celebrated their 2 millionth reunited pet!

Your Antioch Veterinarian has invested heavily in high tech specialized medical equipment to meet all of your pets' health care needs. Some examples of these advanced devices available on site are:

  • Tonopen for glaucoma screening
  • Advanced fiber optic dentistry station w/high speed drill
  • Ultrasonic dental cleaning
  • Specialized dental X-Ray services
  • Pulse oximeter for anesthetic monitoring
  • ECG testing
  • Biolog portable EKG testing
  • Bionet Monitoring
  • Blood pressure monitoring - Doppler technology
  • Radiosurgery unit
  • Otic thermometer measurement
  • Video otoscope
  • Panopthalmoscope
  • Digital X Rays