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May News Letter 2019

Welcome to May. It is really spring now although no one told the weather people yet. 40 degrees one day 80 degrees the next. We won’t even talk about the allergies. Almost everyone is sneezing or suffering from them. The flowers are so pretty in bloom and I have my first hummingbird already.

The biggest day of this month is Mother’s Day, which falls on the 12th. May is National Service Dog Eye Examination and Asthma and Allergy Month. May 3rd is National Specially-abled Pets Day, the first full week of May is National Pet Week, May 5th is the start of Be Kind to Animals Week, May 11th is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day and International Migratory Bird Day, the 17th is Endangered Species Day. Lots of stuff in the month. Happy Mothers Day to all you moms and some dads who are both mom and dad.


Disaster Preparedness

Are you prepared if there is a disaster? Do you have things ready if you need to grab and go? It is best to have a safe kit for your family and your pet is a part of that family. The most important things to put into the kit for your pet are their records, a business card from your veterinarian, a couple of days of their regular medications, bandage material, leash, collar, extra food, a water bowl, a towel,

neo-sporin ointment a couple bottles of water, a bag of kitty litter and a plastic pan to use for the litter and a scoop.

Think about what your pet(s) uses on a regular day and try to have those things in your emergency kit. Get your kit ready and store it away where you can grab it in a hurry and get on the move. As the saying goes: “It is best to have and not need it then to need and not have it”.

The Buzz on Mosquitos

Mosquitos bite us more often then our pets, perhaps because of perfumes we wear or because we have a lack of fur. Mosquitos do prey on our canine companions. Their bite has the potential to transmit the dreaded West Nile Virus to your dog, but the greatest risk is the exposure to heartworm disease.

The American Heartworm Society documents that heartworms have been found in dogs in all 50 states. The highest infection rates are within 150 miles of the Gulf, Atlantic Coast, and along the Mississippi River. Mosquitos thrive in a moist and warm environment. In the drier sections of the country, mosquitos can still thrive in the areas where there is standing water or where water is present. Veterinarians in most areas of the country now suggest that heartworm prevention be given year round. The American Heartworm Society now recommends year round prevention for all dogs in all regions.

Pet Awareness Month

Owning a pet is a very rewarding adventure. Many people don’t realize the work, sacrifice and love that raising a pet involves. When you bring a pet into your home there are many things that need to be considered. What species of pet are you considering, and how would they fit into your lifestyle. Next what breed do you want? Let’s face it a Great Dane would not be a breed of choice for a small apartment dweller. Do you want a young puppy or are you considering adopting an older pet? When looking at the choices, there are many. Then there is the matter of financial responsibility. Most pets require vaccinations, neutering or spaying, fecal examinations (to look for parasites), semi-annual examinations, and of course food. Some of the exotic pets require special bedding and accessories, and of course cats and ferrets use litter.

Owning a pet is not something to go into lightly. It should be a family decision. After all it is a known saying “there is no such thing as a free pet”. All pets require essentials, food, bedding, veterinary visits, crates, cages, toys, treats, etc. If you are really interested in getting a pet, all these things should be considered. It is the wisest scenario, to have all pets examined by a veterinarian within a few days of obtaining it. There is a lot of responsibility involved too. Dogs need exercise, attention and love. Any pet you get needs your attention. Who will walk the dog and let it out when it needs to potty? Who will change the bedding or the litter? It is a family’s responsibility, everyone needs to be a part of the training, caring for and love of the pet.

Pets give as much love as they receive, and having pets in your house can be an amazing adventure and a rewarding experience. If you have any doubts or questions, please be sure to give your veterinarian a call. There are so many cats and dogs in shelters that need good loving homes. Please don’t reject the idea of adopting an older pet, they need love too


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