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January News Letter 2021

It is with great joy that I am announcing a new year. I think 2020 has been here long enough. It has not been a good year to say the least. Let’s all pray that 2021 is a great, healthy, and prosperous New Year. There will probably be fireworks shooting off in the neighbor hoods so prepare your pet for the noise, put them in a room with the television on or a radio playing. That may distract them a little. If they need to be tranquilized, be sure the medication is not expired and that you have plenty of medicine to treat your pet for a couple of days. This is the time of year to make your resolutions. As one resolution, you should have your pets spayed or neutered. Bring all their vaccines up to date and make sure they are comfortable no matter where they are living, inside or out. Have a Happy New Year, be safe and stay healthy. Pam

The Healthy Pet

The new year is the perfect time for you and your pet to get healthy. Of course, just like people, pets need exercise and good healthy diets. Is it time for your yearly or semi-annual check up? If your pet is older, is it time for the senior blood work? Remember the senior exam and bloodwork help to detect diseases before they get out of hand. Early detection is important in treating most diseases. Dental health is also important in your pet's health. Dental disease can effect many internal organs, and can cause your pet pain and discomfort when eating. If your pet is older and has trouble getting up and down, is slower in the morning, or limps and favors their rear legs, remember there are many different medications that can be given to relieve the pain and discomfort they are feeling.

Walk your Pet

Exercising with your pet is beneficial to you as well as for them. If your pet is a senior and can't go the distance with you, plan a new strategy that will include them but not be too hard on them. For instance, take them on a small walk before you go on your run or long walk. They will get some needed exercise that will not tire them too much or put a strain on them. If your senior pet and you went to a park for your walk or run, then plan on taking them on a ride for something else such as visiting friends or to go for a burger. For those with younger pets, take your pet for a longer walk and more often if you can fit it into your schedule. It will be good for you to get the exercise and them as well.

When walking your pet it is necessary to have the right collar, harness, leash and accessories. If your pet is large and pulls you then you might want to consider a Halti Collar or a Gentle Leader. These prevent the pet from pulling. For small pets a harness or collar is the best but make sure it is tight enough so the pet isn't able to slip out of it when you are on your walk. Bring several bags with you to pick up any stools your pet may pass on the walk. Remember most people do not appreciate having a pet potty in their yard or where they may step in it. Your pet may not be able to walk as fast or as long as you are used to.

Many pets have a bad reaction when they are first put on a leash. It is something that may take a while to get them used to. Putting the leash and collar on the pet and allowing them to roam around the house with no restraint may help them. Try doing this for longer periods of time and then eventually holding the leash and walking around the home with them. Giving them a treat for a good session will encourage them.

Spring is around the corner so getting your pet familiar with the tools of the walk will speed up the transitional period and you will be out there walking in the spring air with your pet by your side in no time.


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