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March News Letter

Will March come in like a lion and out like a lamb?   The jury is still out.  Is this the month when Spring starts?  We have had a mild winter so far.  Daylight Saving starts on the 14 of March.  It will time to spring forward.  Happy St Patrick's Day on the 17th, and the 20th is the first day of spring.  When I think of March, I always think of it as the “green” month.  Maybe because of St. Patrick’s Day and spring when everything starts turning green again.  Have a fabulous March.

Spic and Span

Spring cleaning time is just around the corner.  Everyone is ready for dusting, scrubbing floors, shampooing carpets and getting into all those corners we've been overlooking or avoiding all winter long.  Remember that some of the chemicals that make your house sparkling clean can be toxic to you and your pets.

 You mop the kitchen floor, your cat or dog walks across the damp floor, then sits down and cleans it's face and licks it's paws.  The chemical you put on your floor was just ingested by your cat or dog.  It is the same with any chemical or cleaner you use for the pet's bedding, your floors, your carpets and even room fresheners. 

It is best to make sure  surfaces are dry before allowing  pets into the area. 
Make sure the area is well ventilated. 
Put all cleaning products where pets can't get to them. 
This also pertains to bath tubs, sinks and toilets.  Pets often want access to these areas as well. 
Read labels as you shop for cleaning products. 
If you or your pet has a reaction to any chemical, call the poison control center and have the label listing the ingredients in hand.  Always keep the Poison control number handy and don't transfer your cleaning supplies to unmarked containers.
Poison Control (Vanderbilt Human)------615-322-6435
Pet Poison Hot-line    1-800-213-6680
Poisonous Perils

There are many things poisonous to pets that are fine for humans to consume.  Many of these foods are very common.   Sugar free gum or candy can be very toxic to animals.  Chocolate, onions, raisins, grapes, garlic, macadamia nuts and coffee are a few toxic foods that can harm your cat or dog.  Outside there are many things that a pet can get into that are very toxic for example, antifreeze, rat or mouse poison, gasoline, cocoa shell mulch, and de-icing salt. If you think that your pet has consumed any of the above toxins, save the wrapper and call the poison control center and your veterinarian.  The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Number is 1-888-426-4435 and the Pet Poison Hotline is 1-800-213-6680.  Never hesitate, the sooner that you call the better the chance of your pet surviving.  Time is very important.  To be safe make sure all these items are out of the pet’s reach and keep your pet in his own environment so you know what and where your toxins are kept.  Your neighbors may not pet-protect their chemicals 

March is the month when many doors and windows are open to let in the warm air to air things out.  Be careful that your pet doesn't escape during this time.  They want out too.  It's best to get the whole family together and stress the opening of outside doors.  Microchipping is a wonderful idea as well.  


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