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April News Letter

Happy April.  I hear that it is going to snow next week......April Fool.   I wish.  There was not enough winter for me. The bugs will be out in full force this spring because we didn't have a cold enough winter.  Get your flea, tick and heartworm prevention on board as soon as possible. Clients are already complaining about their flea problems.  Well April is a fun month so let's see what is going on.  It is Pet First Aid Awareness, Animal Cruelty, Prevent Lyme Disease In Dogs and Heartworm Awareness Month.  The 1st is April Fool's Day, the 2nd is Tag Day, the 11th is National Pet Day, the 16th is the start of Pet ID Week, and Easter, the 22nd is Earth Day, the 26th is Administrave Professionals Day, International Guide Dog Day, and Kids and Pets Day, the 28th is Hairball Awareness Day, and the 29th is World Veterinary Day.   

Training Tips from Top Trainers
1.  Start training as soon as your pet crosses the doorway.
     Don't procrastinate-dogs and puppies are always learning.  They'll either learn good behavior or bad behavior.  The latter because we aren't teaching them.
2.  Don't Focus on Bad Behavior
If you find yourself shouting "NO" constantly, from the puppy/dog stand point he's getting the attention he wants
3.  Establish Ground Rules
     Make sure everyone in the house is on the same course.  That is so everyone gives him the same rules---otherwise he will get confused.
4.   Socialize and Train Your Puppy Early
     There is a 16 week period that is tremendously powerful if used properly-- let him meet people-- socialize-- take him out with you...hire a trainer--take him to obedience classes. 
5.  Be Proactive in Teaching
     Don't wait till he misbehaves to punish him to behave the way you'd like him to behave.
6.  Understand Positive Reinforcement 
     For instance a treat when he comes.  Be sure you know what your pet likes and will work for.
7.   Be A Good Observer
     Dogs are excellent at letting us know what scares or bothers them.  You just need to watch for the signs.  For example, if he is patted roughly on the head and he turns away, it generally means he didn't like the action.
8.  Become Your Dog's Leader
     Most disobedience is the result of miscommunication rather than social status.  It's best to teach a dog to be patient and polite (with positive reinforcement) rather than using force.
9.  Practice Good Management to Prevent Reinforcing Unwanted Behaviors
     Award the behaviors you like, use crates, gates, doors,exercise pens, etc, to prevent or curb unwanted behaviors.
10. Be Consistent and Clear with Your Commands
     Dogs watch and interpret movements closely.  If they don't do as you ask, it could be because they didn't understand.  Be sure you are clear in your commands and movements.
11. Keep Training Fun and Positive
     If you had a choice of someone that made learning fun and praised you, or someone that scolded, screamed, and smacked you, which would you choose?
12. Provide Ample Exercise
     Even well trained dogs get in trouble if they are bored and bouncing off walls.  Exercise is a large factor.  Mix training with exercise.  For instance have him sit before you throw the ball or toy.

Training does not have to be a full time job..just use the taught skills frequently.


Most of  you know that mosquitos transmit heartworms.  It only takes one infested mosquito to bite and transfer the heartworms to your pet.  The treatment for heartworms is very expensive and very dangerous no matter how severe the infection is or how old the dog is.  Heartworms can be prevented very easily with a monthly preventative that can be given orally or topically.  A yearly heartworm test should be performed to be sure that the dog doesn't have the disease.   Heartworm prevention should be given year round.  The manufactors of the heartworm prevention guarantee their products and most will reimburse you for the amount of the heartworm treatment.    For this guarantee, you must have a heartworm test yearly and have proof that your dog was on the prevention year round.   To make matters worse the medication used to treat heartworms has been very hard to obtain because of manufacturing problems.  Don't take the chance on your pet contracting this terrible disease, call and schedule a heartworm test and get your prevention.  

Pet First Aid

Once again I want to share some first aid tips for your dog or cat.
Bleeding- apply direct pressure with clean gauze before bandaging.....Call your veterinarian
Burns- gently flush burns with cool water.  If blistered or charred, cover with  non-adhesive bandage to prevent infection and call your veterinarian
Heatstroke- if your dog's body temperature is 104 degrees or higher, cool his skin with tepid water and get immediate medical attention
Poisoning- call your veterinarian or a poison control center (888-426-4435).  Do not induce vomiting unless told to do so
Choking- use your fingers to remove any visible obstructions, if unsuccessful then hold your dog on your lap with his head slightly lower than your knees and slap him between the shoulder blades. A modified version of the Heimlich maneuver may be necessary.  Call your veterinarian or Pet Emergency Care Center as soon as possible.
Hypoglycemia- If your pet appears weak and wobbly, rub Karo syrup or honey on his gums and under his tongue and call your veterinarian.
Breathing Problems- CPR can keep pets alive on the way to your veterinarian. alternate one breath (into your dogs nostrils) to five chest compressions at a rate of 80 to 100 compressions per minute
Shock- after CPR, heavy blood loss, hit by car, trauma. Cover with blankets, elevate hind quarters and take to your veterinarian or pet emergency center
Locate your nearest Pet Emergency Clinic, ask your veterinarian they may have the information you need.  The Nashville Pet Emergency Clinic- 383-2600 

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